Artist Bio

Lyle Adair grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and has always enjoyed working with his hands. In 1990, he moved to Austin, Tx, where he received a classical education from The University of Texas. He turned to copper sculpture in 1998 as a creative outlet by taking an apprenticeship at a local gallery. His eyes were opened to the infinite realm of possibilities copper sculpture offered. With a hammer, chisle, and torch, Lyle proceded to transform his world into a copper playground.

His commissioned works range from utilitarian sconces and lampshades to decorative fireplace overlays, door inlays and wall hangings.

Lyle's award winning sculptures have been in galleries and art shows all across Texas. He is always interested in the thoughts and feelings his artworks provoke. Please don't hesitate to contact Lyle regarding art available for purchase, works to be commissioned, or general comments about what you see or feel.


Art by Lyle Adairlylead71@gmail.comBuda, TX